Dive Into Sea of Jewels with ORORI

8:45 PM

"....diamonds are a girl's best friend"

Well, i believe good jewelries comes from a hand of experienced jewel makers. Precision and consistency are two major things that determine how good the quality of each jewelry. before, I never thought on buy high quality jewelry online, i always prefer to go directly to a jewelry shop to try them first before i decide to buy one.

But now ORORI change the way i think about buying jewelry online. This first and the only one online jewelry store in Indonesia makes buying jewelry even more easier for me because they provide guide for ring size to carat size and education for diamond andddddd not to mention we also can design our own jewelry online! How good was that right?

This online Jewelry store focusing on high quality wedding and engagement rings for Indonesian based customers. ORORI also has wide range of high quailty jewelries such as gold bracelets, gold necklace, diamond pendants, and earrings even they also provide ANTAM and PAMP gold products.

Last week i got a chance to personally came to ORORI Headquarter to see their jewelries quality with my own eyes. I must say, ORORI prove that their product quality compare to the one that sell in an actual market can perform better. From the quality of their gold to their precise cut of diamonds will wow-ed you as a jewelry admirer.

Well, I personally choose this diamond ring (above) because it looks so damn fine, crafted really nice and give a luxury vibe when i try it on my finger. It screams, ".......honey, can you buy me this when we get married?" *Kidding*

While i try it on my finger i also have an eye for their cute pendants, one of the diamond pendant instantly become my favorite. the one that similar to jewelry box key really have a good design which i’m sure that this kind of pendant will make girl who wear it become the center of attention. 

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